Books We're Reading

Books We’re Reading (Feb 23 2018)

This past week, I was going to put my grand new plan of going to the library every Monday into action. We ended up at the the library Thursday afternoon. We were supposed to be focusing on picture books to help learn colors. One would think that with an extra three days to prepare for our trip to the library, I would have had a list ready and some idea of the books I wanted to get…. but nope – winging it all the way this week. The choices ended up being a bit more random because I was unprepared, but Charlie is enjoying the books anyway and it was a good chance to really familiarize myself with my library’s children’s section (Or at least try with a busy 13 month old on the loose!) We took home six books and we’ve read them all multiple times except for one that is a little too old for Charlie right now, but I’ve put it on a list to come back to when he’s a little older.

1. The Red Boat – Hanna Cumming


This is an adorably and colorfully illustrated story of Posy and her dog getting acclimated to a new place. She is scared about moving to a new home and attending a new school when she and her dog discover an old red boat in their new yard. Their imaginary trips in this flying, floating, and deep-sea diving rowboat help Posy learn that her new home might not be so bad after all.

I would not have probably chosen this book if I had read it first, but the color red was in the title and it was so cute! After reading it to my son, though, I do not regret this accidental find at all. It’s not super pertinent since we haven’t moved recently and Charlie doesn’t go to school, but he still loves the story. The beautiful illustrations keep his attention and he loves Posy’s puppy pal.

2. The Nose Book – Al Perkins, Ill. Joe Mathieu


This book is part of the Bright and Early Book Collection and features colorful animals with a variety of funny noses, great meter, toddler-friendly vocabulary and catchy rhymes. As you may have guessed, it also does not have anything to do with my intended theme of COLOR books, but I saw it and I couldn’t resist. Charlie loves noses right now and will proudly show you yours, whether you want him to or not. It’s the perfect book for where he’s at.

3. Hello, Red Fox – Eric Carle



Does Eric Carle really need an introduction? This is a book illustrated in his recognizable style and it’s so fun! Unfortunately, it’s a little too old for my little man. This book would be an excellent tool for reinforcing the color wheel, or just for a little color fun before bed. As you can see in the photo above, the fox on the cover is clearly green – in fact, all the animals in the book are the wrong color … until you look just a little longer! This is a book of optical illusions that demonstrates opposite colors of the color wheel. We will certainly be coming back to this picture book when Charlie is a little older.

4. The Fire Station – Julie Murray

This book is our non-fiction book of the week. It is 20180223131755_IMG_3281not specifically about color, but its clear photographic images are easy to stop and identify colors in – especially red, of course. Another book that is on target with Charlie’s current interests and helps him understand a little bit more about what goes on at a fire station and why those sirens are so loud.

5. Color Kittens  – Margaret Wise Brown, Ill. Alice and Martin Provenson


I knew we couldn’t go wrong with these last two choices by the author of the perennial favorite, Goodnight Moon. In Color Kittens, two kittens, Brush and Hush, set off through a world of paint to find the colors that will let them paint their favorite things. This story is great for young readers of all ages. It’s happy illustrations and flowing rhymes make it a great story to read to a young toddler and it’s focus on how two colors mix together to create different color will help older children with the concept of color mixing.

6. My World of Color  – Margaret Wise Brown, Ill. Loretta Krupinski


This book was exactly what I was looking for on my library quest this week! It’s perfectly suited to Charlie’s age and the type of pictures he likes to focus on right now. Turn each page to encounter a scene that features objects of a single color and a rhyme identifying these object. I try to have Charlie try to point to each object when he’s focused enough and these large, clear illustrations are excellent for this activity.

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