Childhood, D.I.Y.

DIY Shapes and Colors Felt Toy Game for Toddlers.

My son is quite a bit too young to be ready for any formal education, but my husband and I think that learning is so important and we’re really excited to start teaching him things – anything! We like to incorporate learning into as much as possible, that includes solo play time. Recently, I made a wall-hanging felt game for Charlie that he loves to play with. Right now, he can’t play with it the way it was intended, but he loves that the felt pieces come off and stick back on, the bright colors keep him occupied, and he’s being exposed to the idea of shapes and colors. When Dave and I see him playing with it, we often take a few minutes to sit with him and talk him through what color and shape he’s currently playing with. It’s fun for everyone and it’s so so easy to make!


I used a large sheet of white felt as the background of the game and a set of stiffer felt I bought on sale at Target for the pieces. I made game pieces in each color in squares, triangles, circles, and a final shape unique to each color.  I used a small funnel to trace my circles to ensure they were all the same size and chose simple unique shapes so that I could actually draw them and they were easy for the little man to play with. I went with pink heart, red apple, orange carrot, yellow sun, green leaf, blue rain drop, purple grapes, and gray cloud. I hung it on the wall in the hallway using command velcro strips so that it’s easy to remove in the future. Even if it’s not the most sophisticated decoration in our home, it’s happy and bright, and it makes my son smile so I love it. I especially love when my husband sits down next to him and they play together.


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