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Circe by Madeline Miller Book Review

This book has been making the rounds on social media lately because THAT COVER ART! So beautiful – definitely a case of wanting a book because of it’s cover. Amazingly, it was also really good – lived up to its shelf appeal. I may be a bit biased because one of my majors was Ancient History in college and I really love mythology and how it informs everyday life even now in quiet ways. This book took an ancient myth and brought it to life for modern readers, it had none of the stuffiness of Edith Wharton’s wonderful and so very dry collection of mythology most students read. It was fittingly spellbinding, as it is about one of the most well known witches of history.


I am giving it four stars only because, despite the fact that it is an excellent read, it lacked that hard to define magic which makes a book irresistible. I would recommend it to anyone, even someone without a strong interest in mythology since the characters are well developed and git is beautifully written, but it didn’t make me want to read it over and over and give it a sacred spot on my bookshelf.

Rating Scale

1/5 – Awful / would not read again / maybe could not finish.

2/5 – Low quality work / some enjoyment / not worth the time

3/5 – Don’t regret, Don’t love / would add to my shelf if it is a piece of literature

4/5 – Would read again / Definitely would add to my shelf because BOOKS

5/5 – Would definitely read more than once / Must buy / Gives you the happy book love feels.