Whole Grain Homemade Apple Cinnamon Freezer Waffles for the Littles (and Bigs)

My almost 15 month old loves those frozen toaster waffles, but I don’t love that they’re full of sugar. I set out to make a delicious whole grain version with actual fruit instead of sugar. The result: Real apples, cinnamon and oats – it’s like healthy apple crisp you can pop in the toaster oven and it’s so easy to whip up a batch and store! Bonus: They can easily be made gluten and dairy free for those on special diets.


2 cups Quick Cooking Oats

3/4 cup milk (can be replaced with non-dairy milk)

3/4 cup water

2 eggs

2 tbsp buckwheat flour (or regular flour – you do you!)

2 apples finely chopped


Warm up your waffle iron! Add all the ingredients except the apples to a large bowl to let the oaks soak up the liquids while you prep the apples.


I like to use my food processor to chop the apples. I chunk them so they fit into my small counter top one. I prefer to leave the skins on because A) it’s easier and B) nutrients. But mostly A. Once the waffles are cooked the skins are soft anyway, so they’re no longer a choking hazard for the littlest littles.


I add the apples. Mix thoroughly and cook them up. I hand a few fresh warm ones to my baby and let the rest cool. Once they’re a bit firmer I split them into quarters and store them so they’re easy to pull out of the freezer and toast.


Healthy, delicious snacks for my son – voila! Note: My husband ate two of the waffles from the batch I made in this picture for lunch before they even made it to the freezer.



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DIY Shapes and Colors Felt Toy Game for Toddlers.

My son is quite a bit too young to be ready for any formal education, but my husband and I think that learning is so important and we’re really excited to start teaching him things – anything! We like to incorporate learning into as much as possible, that includes solo play time. Recently, I made a wall-hanging felt game for Charlie that he loves to play with. Right now, he can’t play with it the way it was intended, but he loves that the felt pieces come off and stick back on, the bright colors keep him occupied, and he’s being exposed to the idea of shapes and colors. When Dave and I see him playing with it, we often take a few minutes to sit with him and talk him through what color and shape he’s currently playing with. It’s fun for everyone and it’s so so easy to make!


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Books We're Reading

Books We’re Reading (Feb 23 2018)

This past week, I was going to put my grand new plan of going to the library every Monday into action. We ended up at the the library Thursday afternoon. We were supposed to be focusing on picture books to help learn colors. One would think that with an extra three days to prepare for our trip to the library, I would have had a list ready and some idea of the books I wanted to get…. but nope – winging it all the way this week. The choices ended up being a bit more random because I was unprepared, but Charlie is enjoying the books anyway and it was a good chance to really familiarize myself with my library’s children’s section (Or at least try with a busy 13 month old on the loose!) We took home six books and we’ve read them all multiple times except for one that is a little too old for Charlie right now, but I’ve put it on a list to come back to when he’s a little older.

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